Clinical hypnosis and Transformation Coaching

Powerful and effortless personal change

Identify the real issue, reverse it and clear it so that you can unlock your potential, and take your life from good to great

Remove blocks and heal

Heal your wounds and remove the blocks that are keeping you stuck. 

Connect with your body and your mind, and utilize all your internal resources. 

Improve your personal image

You will have the confidence to be successful and eliminate all the blocks and fears that are keeping you from reach success in life.

Improve your relationships

You will open yourself to a new way of communicating with your loved ones, improving your relationships.

Reach your goals

You will stop feeling stuck and be able to develop the abilities you need to accomplish everything that you want
I will help you discover your truest potential

The way to have a happy and fulfilling life.

I can help you to make the change in your life and enjoy every minute of it, I will guide you to remove negative beliefs and heal past trauma to unblock yourself for once and for all.

What can you achieve when you work with me?

  • You will deactivate negative emotions and heal past trauma
  • You will finally let go of the past
  • You will improve the relationship with food and yourself, getting rid of the extra weight and the negative habits.
  • You will resolve conflicts and enjoy healthy relationships
  • You will increase your self-esteem and self-confidence to bring your life to the next level
  • You will create lasting change by developing the abilities that you require to create the life that you deserve
  • You will gain more clarity about the things you want in life
  • You will understand why you behave the way you do and will be able to improve your relationships by resolving those issues that you are not completely aware of.
  • You will be motivated and stay motivated by knowing exactly what you need to stay that way.
  • You will increase and release your creativity to build the life of your dreams
  • You will feel at peace and start to develop a mindful state of being
  • You will be able to let go of the past experiences and memories that are keeping you from actually enjoying your life

Let’s work together to make your life better

During our session, we work together to create a safe environment both physically and emotionally so that you can make the changes you wish to. We work directly with your nervous system and your subconscious mind where all the negative emotions and ideas of limitations and perceptions are stored.

Through trauma-informed Hypno-coaching sessions, we can remove the past emotions that have been stored in your body and finally you are able to release the emotions and negative patterns that have been directing your life up until now.

My sessions are not like regular therapies, which could take years. My goal is to help you create profound change in a simple and lasting way. So although I work in individual sessions, I recommend a 3 sessions package where we work together to create a change in your whole life, discovering the areas of opportunity and the ways to change those areas.

My goal is to take you to a higher level in your life, using methods and techniques that allow you to control your own change. I visit the past only to transform it, allowing you to change your relationship with your past, effectively changing your history.

Because in my sessions I integrate NLP, Hypnosis, Mindscaping, Heart Coherence and EFT into my work, I can teach you how to harness the power of your breath to change your physical and emotional state and use the deepest parts of your subconscious mind to heal and eliminate everything that prevents you from having the life you want.

Through these methods, we jointly create powerfully transformative sessions that bring you authentic change.


Angie Ramos

I am a certified life coach at the Robbins-Madanes Training Center created by Tony Robbins and Chloé Madanes and certified in Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis.

I’m in constant study of emotional healing and trauma-informed techniques such as Somatic Experiencing, Havening, Part Therapy and NLP.

I offer hypno-coaching sessions which is a powerful process to work with your subconscious mind and with your nervous system to heal and release stored emotions, and thus achieve powerful internal changes that help you advance faster towards your goals and emotional balance.

Unlike other forms of therapy that focus on reliving painful experiences, trauma-informed hypno-coaching focuses on helping people recover from the past so that they can take advantage of the possibilities for personal growth and positive results at the present time.

This process frees you to become the person you deserve to be, to achieve everything you want to achieve, to have everything you want to have.

I will also teach you some techniques that you can take with you and use when you feel that you need them to feel better and free yourself from stress and anxiety.

Work with Angie Ramos - Life Coaching
Your mindset matters - Angie Ramos


Hypno-coaching is a powerful process to work with your subconscious mind and nervous system to heal and release stuck emotions, and thus achieve powerful internal changes that help you move faster and faster towards your goals and emotional balance.

The best part is that the process is an enjoyable, fun, and powerful experience that will change your life!

The mechanics of my sessions will give you a clear path to your goals by eliminating all obstacles and past emotions that today paint your reality with a gray tone and dull it. You will be free of them as you naturally move towards achieving your goals.

Changes are safe and gentle and will begin during the first session, then continue to resonate and produce changes for days, weeks, and even months after treatment.

You will achieve anything you set your mind into

Your subconscious mind holds the key to your happiness and success. By using this amazing technique you will be able to make changes rapidly and effectively.

You will achieve every goal you set yourself to do, you will eliminate all your emotional and physical conflicts so that you can improve the way you feel about yourself, the way you relate to other people and the way you communicate.

This process is very dynamic and can be adjusted to any situation you find yourself in right now.

Ease the anxiety, Stop Smoking, Losing Weight, Releasing Fear, Sleeping Better, Public Speaking, Stress, Sports Performance, Focused Attention, Sleep better, Support your immune system, Take challenges confidently, Reduce and manage pain.

New mindset new results - Angie Ramos
Mecánica de trabajo - Angie Ramos

How it works

My hypno-coaching sessions are highly interactive, meaning that we use the tools and techniques necessary to help you make the change. But in general terms, my sessions are structured in the following way.

1. Understand the structure and how the problem you want to solve in your life manifests itself. This is not about talking and talking about your current situation, we do not focus on why, or how, we only identify the structure of the problem. You don’t need to talk about your whole story or share things that make you feel uncomfortable. The techniques work even if we don’t talk about it.

2. Through hypnosis and mindscaping, you can take control of your situation by eliminating patterns, healing and leaving the past behind. With which you will have an extremely powerful experience.

3. I teach you methods and techniques that you will practice on yourself as part of a daily routine that will help you delve deeper into this transformation and make a permanent change.

How does it work?

Contact me

We can talk about what you want to improve in your life and how can I help you to achieve your goals. 

This will give you the clarity that you need and will encourage you to invest more time and energy in transforming your life.


Schedule your appoinment

We can work online or in person. This session is specifically tailored for you.

Using my training as a hypnotist and mindscaping we will solve your problem in an easy, pleasant and powerful way.


Make your dreams come true

In our session, you will be able to see the change in your way of thinking, feeling and acting. You will begin to feel freer and more confident in achieving your goals and objectives. You will realize that in this process it will be easier for you to get rid of those blocks and limitations, you will start believing in yourself and finally, change your paradigm so that you can feel fulfilled.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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