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Loving your body is essential to develop your self-esteem and improve your self-image, your body is the reflection of your thoughts, your feelings and the way you behave.

If you want to change your body or the way you look you have to start by changing your mind. If you desire to have lasting results in your body, you have to change the way you feel about yourself, and the only way you can do this is by respecting your body, giving it what it needs, and treating it well.

The body must be nourished, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We’re spiritually starved in this culture not underfed but undernourished.

Carol Hornig

Self-love is accepting yourself unconditionally and to see your body for what it really is: a gift. Your body allows you to do many things, many of those things you don’t even notice you do them. Your body is a magnificent tool that you already have to accomplish everything you’ve ever wanted, and it can help you to live to your fullest potential.

Listening to your body and honoring its signals is one of the signs of true love.

It’s a fact that the more love and honour you give to your body the better you will feel. The more you listen to it and give it what it needs the more power you have in yourself to achieve whatever you desire.

When you love your body, you’ll feel that it will start to respond positively, and pretty soon you will have the body you wish to have, you’ll see that it will be easier to be healthy and with more energy. You’ll realize that it will start to work in harmony and physically you’ll see a difference. It may be that you can reach weight goals without having to do an extreme diet or by making drastic changes, you will have a better posture, you will look better, and most definitely you will feel better.

Habits to love your body

It’s very important that you start to develop some habits and practices that will help you to take care of your body, here are some ideas for you to start taking care of it.

1. Eating healthy and focus on feeling good

Try not to focus on your physical appearance and having an ideal body, better yet, focus on eating healthy and giving your body what it needs regarding food, exercise and rest. Start by choosing healthier options that make you feel better, pick a clean eating diet and replace those unhealthy treats and processed foods that make you feel sluggish or full of empty calories.
Start to exercise, do it slowly, it doesn’t need to be something super hard; you can start just by walking 10 minutes a day or pick something you like to activate yourself.

Don’t see this change as something bad for you or something challenging, if you start slowly changing small things, soon you will see that your whole eating habits have changed. Just by replacing small things progressively you can change your whole body and the way you feel, it won’t feel hard, and you will enjoy the journey.

2. Treat yourself the way you treat the person you love the most

Analyze how you talk to yourself, how do you describe yourself, if you make an error, how do you react? Ask yourself if the way you talk to yourself is the same way as you speak to that person you love the most. Ask yourself if the way you react to your errors is the same way as you to respond to when someone you love makes them. Usually, we respond with more compassion with the people we love, but when it’s us who made something wrong, we tend to be more strict or more vicious to ourselves.
Try to be more conscious about the way you think about yourself and the things you say to yourself. Try to be more compassionate and forgiving, if you get caught with negative feelings try to repeat the following affirmation:

I am gentle and kind to myself knowing that I am doing the best that I can.

3. Be positive and practice gratitude

Try not to focus on things you don’t have, or the way your body is not a perfect body. I don’t mean you should not wish for a better way of feeling or taking care of your body, but what I’m really saying is that when you focus so much on those things that you don’t like you start feeling bad with yourself and with your body. The minute you start focusing on what you already have, the best parts of your body, those positive traits you have and be grateful for them, is the minute you’ll start feeling better with you and with your body. When you feel good about yourself, you will start behaving differently and being more happy with who you are.

Be grateful for your body and for the things it allows you to do, to experiment, to feel.

Affirmation of the day to love your body

Try to repeat this affirmation for the rest of the day and practice loving your body unconditionally.

Other affirmations that you can repeat today

I take care of my body and it takes care of me.

I love what this strong and healthy body is capable of.

I appreciate my glorious body.

I love my body as it is today.

My worth isn’t defined by my weight. I define my worth and I am worthy.

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